Saturday, September 29, 2007


On my canvas you must paint the following. Remember it's mine not yours.

It has to have orange, yellow, green, red, and deep almost brown purple. Good, those are the leaves.
Now I would like some grey, with white. That is for the clouds.
If you could blur those two together then that would look like wind blowing blizzard lizards, only they'd be leaves and rain, not snow.
Now for some brown, to build a bench.
Please put and old man on that bench, he has to be old, but not frail. He has a cane, the leg had an issue with a blunt axe.
If you could put a red kite in the sky I'd appreciate it. If you think so too, a white tail for the kite.
And only if you have the time, do you think you could put a little boy at the end of that kite?
He would look standing beside the old man and sort of leaning against the bench. But only if you have enough paint.
The young boy is also wearing a very large scarf, evidently the university scarf of the old man.
Thank you very much for painting that for me. Oh who am I in the picture, well no one, but I'd like to be the old man.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pickle Pie

I just thought I'd share a taste of England with some folks. This little boat shop was located just beside the river Thames. (Where I found my notorious Van shoes). The shop is in a very interesting location because it is placed just under the lawn of a very expensive set of flats. I thought that this was an amazing workshop for the reason that they rent out the boats they build for people to row. The art of making wooden boats is very difficult, sticky, generally messy and very old. So I was impressed to see fellows not much older than myself working away at these long boats. Anyways photo's tell a lot more than I can.