Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back Home, Time to start Retro

Hey everyone. I'm home. I got home on Monday and now I'm back to the old life. Painting all day, which suits me fine. And catching up in math in the evening.

However, I shall update you all from where I last left you; In Birmingham. From Birmingham I took a train to Shipley/Saltaire near Bradford Yorkshire. There I stayed with my second cousins Pat and Mike, and their daughter Nan. Mike took me and Nan to the Great Yorkshire show. This show is an amazing agriculture show. It makes Agri-Fair look pretty small in comparison. Lots of free food testing. Anyways, I stayed with them for a few days and then took the train to Edinburgh.

The train to Edinburgh was packed. I got on at Leeds and it was as full as a tube train in London on the Victoria line. Packed in like sardines. After a few stops the crowd lessened. But I still had to sit in the little alcove between cars because all the seats were taken. Despite this less than normal sitting it was a rather enjoyable journey. I shared my space with a young man and his son. So we were both able to have conversation. I would like to note that the farther I got from London and most major cities that people become more friendly. London though was the worst. It's as though everyone has tunnel vision. I only spoke to one person in London, and they were from South Africa.

In Edinburgh I managed to get in before my group and dumped my bags at the church before doing a quick tour before the rest of the Canadians came.
Well that's all for now, I'll update again soon.