Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Heave Ho.

Well it has been a nice weekend for me. Friday night after work my family and I drove up to Okanagan Lake. The purpose of our excersion was the COSA (Central Okanagan Sailing Association) Springtime Regatta. I was a little apprehensive about going to this regatta because last year it rained all day and they made us wait on the water. For six whole hours!
However, this year turned out to be much better. Not only was it sunny, but the wind blew like stink. It was one of the few times that I have been afraid. I sail a boat called a Laser, it is 14 feet with 76 square feet of sail. This doesn't sound like a lot, but I had 25 knot winds hitting it. This left me in a bit of a tight situation. I stressed the hiking strap so much that onl the last leg of one of the courses I actually fell out because it broke. It was quite a funny site to see. I just felt myself floating through air and then I hit the really , really cold water. But fortunately I did not come last that race. Only third last. Weather was all around nice and warm. These photo's are from the trip. I have no idea who the little girl is. But she looked like she was having a fun time on the beach.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sea Gliders Saga, Grain Shaping.

So the grain of the wood has found a shape. Stubby Hand Sam molded this googleplex of hardened chloroplast cells into a Longboard (Steed in the War of Style and Groove). Though this mighty weapon of utmost awesome is still in it's early stage of forging, it still has the strange power of awe. People look at it now in it's current state and exclaim "Holy cow, that's a sweet board". That's when Stubby Hand Sam just nods his head with pride.
However, this Steed of Cool is not meant for the forger. This Longboard is destined for a great Rider. This Still Training Rider (Strider) is actually winning in the War of Style and Groove. But she is using the Longboard to add to her already deadly arsonal of Cool. Here Endeth the Second Saga.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Domo Arigato

This photo is the result of some volunteers (and friends) and I after being "robotized". We volunteer at a kids social skills group. Yes it can be tiring and sometimes the children aren't always sweet. But they have a lot of fun, and I admit, so do I.
It's also worth it to see the kids achieve certain goals we've laid out for them (with them none the wiser). Many of them are progressing at an awesome rate with little habits such as eye contact or waiting their turn to speak, improving every time I see them.
Anyways, that's the blurb. And I must say, Robot Shield (left) has a pretty darn good ammunition upgrade.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Do you know where a CTM machine is?

The other day I decided to actually count the copius amount of Canadian Tire money in my wallet. The sum is (drum roll please)

$ 4.80 ¢

so for an extra 2 inches of width in my wallet I can buy a roll of ducttape at Canadian Tire. In lew of this I have decided that Canadian Tire should make larger bills than 5¢, 10¢ ectetera.
When one thinks of the actually concept of Canadian Tire money, it is really quite amazing. It has become a part of Canada, engrained into it's culture. The phrase "Canadian Tire Money" has almost become a word (canidiantiremunny). Canadian Tire money is Canada's unofficial second currency. It's even common place to see a couple of bills from Canadian Tire in the charity boxes in the local grocery stores.
What started as probably a advertising campaign in the past has somehow managed to keep a good grip in Canadian society of advertising, such as: Gas points, Safeway points, IGA stickers, and many other little ways to make us by more of everything and anything.
Anyways, I still can't choose between a roll of ducttape, a hotdog, (because the little hotdog stand outside of Canadian Tire accepts CTM) or to keep collecting my CTM for something bigger. But I thought I'd bring that to attention.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Silly Longboards (the part of the show where sam comes out and builds a silly longboard)

After recieving heavy suppressive fire for having not posted anything, I have found something to blog about. These series of posts will be known as the Sea Gliders Sega.
This name is not just plucked out of the air. Snatching names or titles from nowhere defeats the purpose of a name. Therefore I shall explain.

In the beginning there was Sam of the Stubby Hands(son of Wild Bill). Stubby Hand Sam decide to row agains the flow of commercial gravity driven transportation, known as Longboards. So he set out to become a maker of these weapons in the war of style and groove.
Unfortunately in the Region of Monk's Crossing there were no smiths of these amazing steeds. So Sam Stubby Hands decided that he must teach himself the art of forging Longboards. And so he did.
However, no one ever warned Stubby Hand Sam of the destructive power of poorly forged Longboards. Many of Sam's early creations turned bad. Bad as a sunny day spoiled by the sound of the neighbors' children yelling at 5 in the morn. As bad as a half eaten apple with half a worm in it.
Sam struggled greatly to repair the damage done by these terrible things. So he took them to his Bedroom Dungeon. There he placed them in the Closet of Oblivion. They have been lost to this day.

But this sega is to tell the beginning of a new era. An era of beauty and danger. A time when the Great Downfalls of the Lower Rainland ceased to come from the heavens.
In this time Sam found a beatiful element. This raw, uncut, untouched Longboard Ore was obtained in the Valhalla of Vibe (VV for short). But back to the story. This Longboard Ore had the name of Sea Gliders. She is displayed in the photo graph.
So truly I tell you, this is the beginning. For this potential piece of wood has a future. And you shall help guide it.
This is how. Should this be one True Longboard, or two Old School Boards?

For all those people who apparently read this. Let me know.