Sunday, July 29, 2007


As charged, I have not updated my "blog". So I will to some retro blogging after I come home tomorrow.

Monday, July 09, 2007


I have now been in Birmingham almost three days. A very busy three days indeed. I arrived on friday. I was give a quick tour then. On Saturday my friend Ela took me to the Birmingham city centre. It's a huge area, with shops literally all over the place. They have markets on the pavement. A little market where the shops have no walls deviding them, so you can actually walk into a different shop and not realize it. I picked up some very good music in the Virgin store. The music prices here are actually comparable to Canada's.
On Sunday we went to church (St. Mary's). Afterwords I helped Ela's youth group do some car washing to raise money for a trip to Australia for a world youth event next summer.
But the best part so far was going to a Polish get together with Ela's family. They are part of a close knit Polish community. The community, for the most part, isn't related, just all British/Polish. So there was lots of good food and football games going on. The Wimbledon final was also on yesterday so we watched Federor beat Nadal and win the cup. However as we were playing a quiz game it started to rain (in true English fashion). Everybody rushes inside to finish the game. Then the true fun started because the accordian was brought out. Everyone began singing all these great sounding Polish songs. Not only were they singing, but dancing too. I was dragged into the mele as well and shown a few simple steps. In over all it has been the best part of my time over here yet.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Still Alive

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm alive and well. I'm now in Birmingham. I'm staying with my friend Ela in her very large house. I've experienced the very cool art galeries. Oh, and I happened to see the very famous Ozzie Osbourne while passing through one of the main hubs of town. All well here, over and out.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Martian Encyclopedia of The Human Race on Earth

Definition: Someone who achieved the professional status of taxidermy where they had the ability to tan and cure the hide of other human beings before death. These dermatologists were curiously popular in the 21st century and held a high position and status in a certain sector of society. The most interesting fact about this profession is that the practicers were highly paid by the humans who's bodies were being cured. It remains uncertain if this practice was in preparation of death because evidence found in the remains of those who regularly underwent these various procedures to have actually been found to degenerate the bodies much more quickly than under natural circumstances.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

8 hours ahead in time than you.

That's right, here I am time traveller Sam Glasgow. I've often wondered that if there were some catastrophe somewhere else in the world if other countries would hear of it first before the country in question because of time zones.
Anyways, this is my third day in England, I'm staying with my third cousins Claire and Ian in Richmond. I've had a day in London where I went to the Victorian Albert Museum. I've walked through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens (visited the statue of Peter Pan). I scouted out and found the local swing dance club. I gave that a try and found it interesting.
Many aspects of England are different to North America. Apart from language, steering wheels,and electricity outlets. Milk here is thicker. Many of the houses have "skeleton" keys from the 1800's. I have brought my own stash of Nestle's ice tea. But even that lacks it's normality because the water here tastes different. McDonald's claims it uses the same cooking technique around the world (grease). But on my last trip I found this to be untrue. Even the Coca-Cola is slightly different.
I only have a few more days in London, so the decision making is a little tricky as to where I want to go.
It's also interesting around here with the terrorist alert at "Crytical". There has been something like 7 arrests and many searches happening at all major airports and hospitals. The reason for the hospital searches is that a few of the suspects have been doctors.
However, I hope I have some more interesting things to write about next time I am able. Right now it's 7:40 in the morning and I've been up since 4. Jet lag has finally found me.