Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lower Rainland

Hmm, so the weather's been a bit erratic today. But this weather does make a great opportunity for photo's like this one I took this morning. It also makes it good for soccer playing, I hope it's like this on my first game.
There's nothing quite like a slide tackle that carries you twenty feet across the field. And there's really no other excuse to slide like that unless it's a tackle, so I always try to make them worth the bruise I get the next day.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ode to the Problem Student

Here is a poem I wrote for my mechanics teacher. He has a little jar that has inscribed on it "Ashes of a Problem Student. I thought that this was an opportunity too great not to take. so here is the poem I wrote to go inside his jar.

Ashes of a Problem Student

Here in this little urn
Are the ashes of a student who did burn.
She never did listen to Mr. Lloyd
And with his patience how she toyed.
By misplacing tools,
And sitting around on stools.
Until one day, while leaning on the four-poster
She used the cutting torch as a toaster
Oh she should have listened to what Mr. Lloyd told her
But she slipped and pulled the trigger closer
She aimed it at the acetylene tank,
This blew up and off the wall it did bank
Into the shop it careened
While other students cried and screamed.
It knocked down Mr. Lloyd, but on it went,
Until it landed on the cement,
This is the end not yet,
For it ignited once again like a jet.
But the student who started it all
Behind the flame she did fall.
All they found was but a scorch
Of the problem student who lit the torch.

Sam Glasgow

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bridges (the unburnt kind)

So I'm finally get a move on with the guitar bridge I've been trying to fabricate. The story behind this guitar bridge is that it comes originally from a 1950's Ibanez electric guitar. I was the lucky one to have the guitar in my posession while the bridge snapped. So as it is not my guitar I have felt obligated to fix it. But surprise surprise. They don't make that type of bridge. Anywhere. At all. Even Ebay let me down.So I've been working on and off the last year or so to make a copy of it.
I've finally gotten a proper move on and now it's under way. I've poured the resin. The dye is cast. I just hope I mixed the catalyst properly, because I'm terrible at measuring those types of epoxies and resins.
I'm also feeling the affects of the resin smell on my brain. So if I tend to act a little odd if you see me, then you know why.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend

Well this has been a nice Easter weekend for me. My sister came over from Squamish to visit us. I still don't know how to add her. So Anna add me to your blog friends. I didn't clean any more rust out of my car, but oh well. I did however manage to pick up some good music. I ordered "Curse Your Little Heart" by Devotchka (did some of the soundtrack for Little Miss Sunshine), and picked up a Feist cd at A & B Sound. Sunday I went to church and then had a big early dinner. This was a catch twenty two because early dinner meant I could go swing dancing, but I was still in digestion mode at swing dancing. But it was fine and I didn't explode into various particles.
Today was a good day for me because I relaxed the whole time. I awoke in the eleventh hour (that's not 11 o'clock, that'd be the twelfth hour). Then Andy and I went to the Sound of Music downtown to play their twelve-string guitars for a good half hour or so. Then we headed up to HOFA where I picked up so Plaster of Paris after talking to another friend for a good hour managed to head back to home base for lunch at 3:00. Then Andy made me a cool cd full of all sorts of cool bands i.e The Weepies, Wilco, The Shins, The Postal Service and others. So that was my long weekend Easter full fun. Now it's back to school and all other fun things. Oh and on my walk to down to downtown I noticed many beautiful cherry blossom trees. Very nice touch to the scenery I think. Maybe I'll get a photograph of some on here later.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The VW's going.

Well I came to the sad realization today. I can't repair my car. This dire conclusion was made at the discovery of some slightly deeper than surface rust on the frame. I was able to poke a screw driver through it. The screw-driver method is my standard, and it's been beat. However, I'm not dismayed by this unfortunate turn. I am already looking for another worthy VW. This one has still taught me, what not to buy. I also might be able to piece sell it and make the money back, but hey, we'll see.