Monday, December 10, 2007

A London Fog, of Tea

I have been giving a fair share of my thoughts, and that's saying something, to tea as of late. I have been wanting to drink tea for a while now. This is in part because I have a crystalized ice tea problem. The other part is I like hot drinks.
However, I have run into a slight dilemma. I have a fair amount of choice and I'm an indecisive creature at best.
This might help someone understand my predicament.
We have:

8 boxes of Earl Grey (Harrods, Stash, Williams and Magor, Jacksons of Piccadilly, oh and Harrods #42, dear lord St. Dalfaur, oh found yet another Dilmah, holy freaking smokes Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company)

4 boxes of Chai Tea; white, red and black( Stash, Western Family, Celestial Seasonings, and President's Choice)

3 boxes o Morning Tea (2 are Harrod's and Jacksons of Piccadilly)

2 boxes of Afternoon Tea ( Harrods, and Jacksons)

2 box and bag of Yorkshire Tea (Family Tea Merchants)

2 tins of Camomile Tea (unidentified and Tetley's)

3 boxes of Green Tea (some japanese and Reward)

2 boxes of Honey Citron (Celestial Seasonings)

1 box of Sleepytime (Celestial Seasonings)

1 bag of Mango Darjeeling Black Tea (Celestial Seasonings)

1 bag of Rutherford Rose (Acquired Taste)

1 box of Kiwi tea (Yogue)

1 box of Christmas Morning (Stash)

1 box of Assam Tea, hey that's me (Harrod's)

1 box of Lemon Zinger (Celestial Seasonings)

1 box of Wild Jumbleberry Herbal Tea (Compliments)

1 box of Empire Tea (our favourite, Harrod's)

For a grand total of 35 containers of tea!
Please forgive me for not looking at the back of the cupboard or in other cupboards. I also didn't have the heart to count individual tea bags.

I think I'm allowed to say, we are steeped in Tea.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Map Making

Heading south-southwest down the Cape Horn. The three-story high swells have adequately allowed the area to be known as the "roaring forties". Sail further and one will experience the "furious fifties" and worse, the "shrieking sixties". I've often wondered how many men have given the thought of going to hell just to warm up a consideration. With waters bellow zero, as well as decks becoming ice rinks, and rigging freezing to the point of being as hard as iron the weather shows it's cruelty. This would not frighten many sailors. It is the sea itself, in all her anger, grace, and volatile moods. Imagine waves the size of a small hillock, sixty to eighty feel high and with a crest. Maelstroms with depths as high as the masts on a tall ship. A well earned name for this expanse is the "God forsaken seas". Ships are in good fortune to pass it unscathed by The Cape Horn's beauty and danger.
I've just described what anyone wishing to map the west coast of the "new land" had to go through. The more I think about it, the more worth it would seem to be. Indeed, the descriptions put forth by early explorers have made the new world appear to be the paradise once lost.
However, this is not entirely what I wish to put forward. Plainly said, I wish there was more undiscovered land right now. I feel robbed of the chance to go and find something worth finding. To be the first person there and simply say "I am the first person here".
I have become slightly agitated at my inability to look at a map or chart and read "thus Ends all Known waters". Every islet , peninsula , protected harbour or cove is mapped. One can simply go to Google Earth and type in either the name or the coordinates for it and bang, there it is. I want to go somewhere, with great effort , and be able to say, this is what I know about here.
Some could call this arrogance. I'm not sure what I'd call it. I think I am a little tired of being able to know anything I want anytime. It is tempting to go on a sailing trip, not a great voyage or anything just for a weekend. On this trip I would not bring a map, just a few plotting tools, and try to be as innocently ignorant as possible. I think I would then feel like I am a true cartographer, searching for information for my country, before someone else can put mark on it.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


On my canvas you must paint the following. Remember it's mine not yours.

It has to have orange, yellow, green, red, and deep almost brown purple. Good, those are the leaves.
Now I would like some grey, with white. That is for the clouds.
If you could blur those two together then that would look like wind blowing blizzard lizards, only they'd be leaves and rain, not snow.
Now for some brown, to build a bench.
Please put and old man on that bench, he has to be old, but not frail. He has a cane, the leg had an issue with a blunt axe.
If you could put a red kite in the sky I'd appreciate it. If you think so too, a white tail for the kite.
And only if you have the time, do you think you could put a little boy at the end of that kite?
He would look standing beside the old man and sort of leaning against the bench. But only if you have enough paint.
The young boy is also wearing a very large scarf, evidently the university scarf of the old man.
Thank you very much for painting that for me. Oh who am I in the picture, well no one, but I'd like to be the old man.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pickle Pie

I just thought I'd share a taste of England with some folks. This little boat shop was located just beside the river Thames. (Where I found my notorious Van shoes). The shop is in a very interesting location because it is placed just under the lawn of a very expensive set of flats. I thought that this was an amazing workshop for the reason that they rent out the boats they build for people to row. The art of making wooden boats is very difficult, sticky, generally messy and very old. So I was impressed to see fellows not much older than myself working away at these long boats. Anyways photo's tell a lot more than I can.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back Home, Time to start Retro

Hey everyone. I'm home. I got home on Monday and now I'm back to the old life. Painting all day, which suits me fine. And catching up in math in the evening.

However, I shall update you all from where I last left you; In Birmingham. From Birmingham I took a train to Shipley/Saltaire near Bradford Yorkshire. There I stayed with my second cousins Pat and Mike, and their daughter Nan. Mike took me and Nan to the Great Yorkshire show. This show is an amazing agriculture show. It makes Agri-Fair look pretty small in comparison. Lots of free food testing. Anyways, I stayed with them for a few days and then took the train to Edinburgh.

The train to Edinburgh was packed. I got on at Leeds and it was as full as a tube train in London on the Victoria line. Packed in like sardines. After a few stops the crowd lessened. But I still had to sit in the little alcove between cars because all the seats were taken. Despite this less than normal sitting it was a rather enjoyable journey. I shared my space with a young man and his son. So we were both able to have conversation. I would like to note that the farther I got from London and most major cities that people become more friendly. London though was the worst. It's as though everyone has tunnel vision. I only spoke to one person in London, and they were from South Africa.

In Edinburgh I managed to get in before my group and dumped my bags at the church before doing a quick tour before the rest of the Canadians came.
Well that's all for now, I'll update again soon.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


As charged, I have not updated my "blog". So I will to some retro blogging after I come home tomorrow.

Monday, July 09, 2007


I have now been in Birmingham almost three days. A very busy three days indeed. I arrived on friday. I was give a quick tour then. On Saturday my friend Ela took me to the Birmingham city centre. It's a huge area, with shops literally all over the place. They have markets on the pavement. A little market where the shops have no walls deviding them, so you can actually walk into a different shop and not realize it. I picked up some very good music in the Virgin store. The music prices here are actually comparable to Canada's.
On Sunday we went to church (St. Mary's). Afterwords I helped Ela's youth group do some car washing to raise money for a trip to Australia for a world youth event next summer.
But the best part so far was going to a Polish get together with Ela's family. They are part of a close knit Polish community. The community, for the most part, isn't related, just all British/Polish. So there was lots of good food and football games going on. The Wimbledon final was also on yesterday so we watched Federor beat Nadal and win the cup. However as we were playing a quiz game it started to rain (in true English fashion). Everybody rushes inside to finish the game. Then the true fun started because the accordian was brought out. Everyone began singing all these great sounding Polish songs. Not only were they singing, but dancing too. I was dragged into the mele as well and shown a few simple steps. In over all it has been the best part of my time over here yet.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Still Alive

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm alive and well. I'm now in Birmingham. I'm staying with my friend Ela in her very large house. I've experienced the very cool art galeries. Oh, and I happened to see the very famous Ozzie Osbourne while passing through one of the main hubs of town. All well here, over and out.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Martian Encyclopedia of The Human Race on Earth

Definition: Someone who achieved the professional status of taxidermy where they had the ability to tan and cure the hide of other human beings before death. These dermatologists were curiously popular in the 21st century and held a high position and status in a certain sector of society. The most interesting fact about this profession is that the practicers were highly paid by the humans who's bodies were being cured. It remains uncertain if this practice was in preparation of death because evidence found in the remains of those who regularly underwent these various procedures to have actually been found to degenerate the bodies much more quickly than under natural circumstances.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

8 hours ahead in time than you.

That's right, here I am time traveller Sam Glasgow. I've often wondered that if there were some catastrophe somewhere else in the world if other countries would hear of it first before the country in question because of time zones.
Anyways, this is my third day in England, I'm staying with my third cousins Claire and Ian in Richmond. I've had a day in London where I went to the Victorian Albert Museum. I've walked through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens (visited the statue of Peter Pan). I scouted out and found the local swing dance club. I gave that a try and found it interesting.
Many aspects of England are different to North America. Apart from language, steering wheels,and electricity outlets. Milk here is thicker. Many of the houses have "skeleton" keys from the 1800's. I have brought my own stash of Nestle's ice tea. But even that lacks it's normality because the water here tastes different. McDonald's claims it uses the same cooking technique around the world (grease). But on my last trip I found this to be untrue. Even the Coca-Cola is slightly different.
I only have a few more days in London, so the decision making is a little tricky as to where I want to go.
It's also interesting around here with the terrorist alert at "Crytical". There has been something like 7 arrests and many searches happening at all major airports and hospitals. The reason for the hospital searches is that a few of the suspects have been doctors.
However, I hope I have some more interesting things to write about next time I am able. Right now it's 7:40 in the morning and I've been up since 4. Jet lag has finally found me.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Roll Out

Two days before I depart. So things are starting to fall into place. I have completed a side project of a longboard while working on the Sea Gliders Saga. This is a pretty trippy board for me. It's the first board to be shorter than my waist and not made out of a water ski. It also sports a logo I designed. I thought for sure I would sell it, but I have decided to take it to Britain with me. I've decided to longboard around London and everywhere else as much as possible. Who knows, maybe I'll start a trend.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


This is the new product that's just come out from Pyrus. It's the big competitor of Apple Inc. That's right you guessed it. The iPear. This product also happens to correspond with angiosperm programming and has a multitude of functions.

Thiamin (Vit. B1) 0.012 mg 1%
Riboflavin (Vit. B2) 0.025 mg 2%
Niacin (Vit. B3) 0.157 mg 1%
Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.048 mg 1%
Vitamin B6 0.028 mg 2%
Folate (Vit. B9) 7 μg 2%
Vitamin C 4.2 mg 7% (Update from the Old Generation)
Calcium 9 mg 1%
Iron 0.17 mg 1%
Magnesium 7 mg 2%
Phosphorus 11 mg 2%
Potassium 119 mg 3%
Zinc 0.10 mg 1%

Apple Inc. won't know what hit it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Heave Ho.

Well it has been a nice weekend for me. Friday night after work my family and I drove up to Okanagan Lake. The purpose of our excersion was the COSA (Central Okanagan Sailing Association) Springtime Regatta. I was a little apprehensive about going to this regatta because last year it rained all day and they made us wait on the water. For six whole hours!
However, this year turned out to be much better. Not only was it sunny, but the wind blew like stink. It was one of the few times that I have been afraid. I sail a boat called a Laser, it is 14 feet with 76 square feet of sail. This doesn't sound like a lot, but I had 25 knot winds hitting it. This left me in a bit of a tight situation. I stressed the hiking strap so much that onl the last leg of one of the courses I actually fell out because it broke. It was quite a funny site to see. I just felt myself floating through air and then I hit the really , really cold water. But fortunately I did not come last that race. Only third last. Weather was all around nice and warm. These photo's are from the trip. I have no idea who the little girl is. But she looked like she was having a fun time on the beach.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sea Gliders Saga, Grain Shaping.

So the grain of the wood has found a shape. Stubby Hand Sam molded this googleplex of hardened chloroplast cells into a Longboard (Steed in the War of Style and Groove). Though this mighty weapon of utmost awesome is still in it's early stage of forging, it still has the strange power of awe. People look at it now in it's current state and exclaim "Holy cow, that's a sweet board". That's when Stubby Hand Sam just nods his head with pride.
However, this Steed of Cool is not meant for the forger. This Longboard is destined for a great Rider. This Still Training Rider (Strider) is actually winning in the War of Style and Groove. But she is using the Longboard to add to her already deadly arsonal of Cool. Here Endeth the Second Saga.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Domo Arigato

This photo is the result of some volunteers (and friends) and I after being "robotized". We volunteer at a kids social skills group. Yes it can be tiring and sometimes the children aren't always sweet. But they have a lot of fun, and I admit, so do I.
It's also worth it to see the kids achieve certain goals we've laid out for them (with them none the wiser). Many of them are progressing at an awesome rate with little habits such as eye contact or waiting their turn to speak, improving every time I see them.
Anyways, that's the blurb. And I must say, Robot Shield (left) has a pretty darn good ammunition upgrade.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Do you know where a CTM machine is?

The other day I decided to actually count the copius amount of Canadian Tire money in my wallet. The sum is (drum roll please)

$ 4.80 ¢

so for an extra 2 inches of width in my wallet I can buy a roll of ducttape at Canadian Tire. In lew of this I have decided that Canadian Tire should make larger bills than 5¢, 10¢ ectetera.
When one thinks of the actually concept of Canadian Tire money, it is really quite amazing. It has become a part of Canada, engrained into it's culture. The phrase "Canadian Tire Money" has almost become a word (canidiantiremunny). Canadian Tire money is Canada's unofficial second currency. It's even common place to see a couple of bills from Canadian Tire in the charity boxes in the local grocery stores.
What started as probably a advertising campaign in the past has somehow managed to keep a good grip in Canadian society of advertising, such as: Gas points, Safeway points, IGA stickers, and many other little ways to make us by more of everything and anything.
Anyways, I still can't choose between a roll of ducttape, a hotdog, (because the little hotdog stand outside of Canadian Tire accepts CTM) or to keep collecting my CTM for something bigger. But I thought I'd bring that to attention.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Silly Longboards (the part of the show where sam comes out and builds a silly longboard)

After recieving heavy suppressive fire for having not posted anything, I have found something to blog about. These series of posts will be known as the Sea Gliders Sega.
This name is not just plucked out of the air. Snatching names or titles from nowhere defeats the purpose of a name. Therefore I shall explain.

In the beginning there was Sam of the Stubby Hands(son of Wild Bill). Stubby Hand Sam decide to row agains the flow of commercial gravity driven transportation, known as Longboards. So he set out to become a maker of these weapons in the war of style and groove.
Unfortunately in the Region of Monk's Crossing there were no smiths of these amazing steeds. So Sam Stubby Hands decided that he must teach himself the art of forging Longboards. And so he did.
However, no one ever warned Stubby Hand Sam of the destructive power of poorly forged Longboards. Many of Sam's early creations turned bad. Bad as a sunny day spoiled by the sound of the neighbors' children yelling at 5 in the morn. As bad as a half eaten apple with half a worm in it.
Sam struggled greatly to repair the damage done by these terrible things. So he took them to his Bedroom Dungeon. There he placed them in the Closet of Oblivion. They have been lost to this day.

But this sega is to tell the beginning of a new era. An era of beauty and danger. A time when the Great Downfalls of the Lower Rainland ceased to come from the heavens.
In this time Sam found a beatiful element. This raw, uncut, untouched Longboard Ore was obtained in the Valhalla of Vibe (VV for short). But back to the story. This Longboard Ore had the name of Sea Gliders. She is displayed in the photo graph.
So truly I tell you, this is the beginning. For this potential piece of wood has a future. And you shall help guide it.
This is how. Should this be one True Longboard, or two Old School Boards?

For all those people who apparently read this. Let me know.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lower Rainland

Hmm, so the weather's been a bit erratic today. But this weather does make a great opportunity for photo's like this one I took this morning. It also makes it good for soccer playing, I hope it's like this on my first game.
There's nothing quite like a slide tackle that carries you twenty feet across the field. And there's really no other excuse to slide like that unless it's a tackle, so I always try to make them worth the bruise I get the next day.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ode to the Problem Student

Here is a poem I wrote for my mechanics teacher. He has a little jar that has inscribed on it "Ashes of a Problem Student. I thought that this was an opportunity too great not to take. so here is the poem I wrote to go inside his jar.

Ashes of a Problem Student

Here in this little urn
Are the ashes of a student who did burn.
She never did listen to Mr. Lloyd
And with his patience how she toyed.
By misplacing tools,
And sitting around on stools.
Until one day, while leaning on the four-poster
She used the cutting torch as a toaster
Oh she should have listened to what Mr. Lloyd told her
But she slipped and pulled the trigger closer
She aimed it at the acetylene tank,
This blew up and off the wall it did bank
Into the shop it careened
While other students cried and screamed.
It knocked down Mr. Lloyd, but on it went,
Until it landed on the cement,
This is the end not yet,
For it ignited once again like a jet.
But the student who started it all
Behind the flame she did fall.
All they found was but a scorch
Of the problem student who lit the torch.

Sam Glasgow

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bridges (the unburnt kind)

So I'm finally get a move on with the guitar bridge I've been trying to fabricate. The story behind this guitar bridge is that it comes originally from a 1950's Ibanez electric guitar. I was the lucky one to have the guitar in my posession while the bridge snapped. So as it is not my guitar I have felt obligated to fix it. But surprise surprise. They don't make that type of bridge. Anywhere. At all. Even Ebay let me down.So I've been working on and off the last year or so to make a copy of it.
I've finally gotten a proper move on and now it's under way. I've poured the resin. The dye is cast. I just hope I mixed the catalyst properly, because I'm terrible at measuring those types of epoxies and resins.
I'm also feeling the affects of the resin smell on my brain. So if I tend to act a little odd if you see me, then you know why.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend

Well this has been a nice Easter weekend for me. My sister came over from Squamish to visit us. I still don't know how to add her. So Anna add me to your blog friends. I didn't clean any more rust out of my car, but oh well. I did however manage to pick up some good music. I ordered "Curse Your Little Heart" by Devotchka (did some of the soundtrack for Little Miss Sunshine), and picked up a Feist cd at A & B Sound. Sunday I went to church and then had a big early dinner. This was a catch twenty two because early dinner meant I could go swing dancing, but I was still in digestion mode at swing dancing. But it was fine and I didn't explode into various particles.
Today was a good day for me because I relaxed the whole time. I awoke in the eleventh hour (that's not 11 o'clock, that'd be the twelfth hour). Then Andy and I went to the Sound of Music downtown to play their twelve-string guitars for a good half hour or so. Then we headed up to HOFA where I picked up so Plaster of Paris after talking to another friend for a good hour managed to head back to home base for lunch at 3:00. Then Andy made me a cool cd full of all sorts of cool bands i.e The Weepies, Wilco, The Shins, The Postal Service and others. So that was my long weekend Easter full fun. Now it's back to school and all other fun things. Oh and on my walk to down to downtown I noticed many beautiful cherry blossom trees. Very nice touch to the scenery I think. Maybe I'll get a photograph of some on here later.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The VW's going.

Well I came to the sad realization today. I can't repair my car. This dire conclusion was made at the discovery of some slightly deeper than surface rust on the frame. I was able to poke a screw driver through it. The screw-driver method is my standard, and it's been beat. However, I'm not dismayed by this unfortunate turn. I am already looking for another worthy VW. This one has still taught me, what not to buy. I also might be able to piece sell it and make the money back, but hey, we'll see.