Monday, December 10, 2007

A London Fog, of Tea

I have been giving a fair share of my thoughts, and that's saying something, to tea as of late. I have been wanting to drink tea for a while now. This is in part because I have a crystalized ice tea problem. The other part is I like hot drinks.
However, I have run into a slight dilemma. I have a fair amount of choice and I'm an indecisive creature at best.
This might help someone understand my predicament.
We have:

8 boxes of Earl Grey (Harrods, Stash, Williams and Magor, Jacksons of Piccadilly, oh and Harrods #42, dear lord St. Dalfaur, oh found yet another Dilmah, holy freaking smokes Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company)

4 boxes of Chai Tea; white, red and black( Stash, Western Family, Celestial Seasonings, and President's Choice)

3 boxes o Morning Tea (2 are Harrod's and Jacksons of Piccadilly)

2 boxes of Afternoon Tea ( Harrods, and Jacksons)

2 box and bag of Yorkshire Tea (Family Tea Merchants)

2 tins of Camomile Tea (unidentified and Tetley's)

3 boxes of Green Tea (some japanese and Reward)

2 boxes of Honey Citron (Celestial Seasonings)

1 box of Sleepytime (Celestial Seasonings)

1 bag of Mango Darjeeling Black Tea (Celestial Seasonings)

1 bag of Rutherford Rose (Acquired Taste)

1 box of Kiwi tea (Yogue)

1 box of Christmas Morning (Stash)

1 box of Assam Tea, hey that's me (Harrod's)

1 box of Lemon Zinger (Celestial Seasonings)

1 box of Wild Jumbleberry Herbal Tea (Compliments)

1 box of Empire Tea (our favourite, Harrod's)

For a grand total of 35 containers of tea!
Please forgive me for not looking at the back of the cupboard or in other cupboards. I also didn't have the heart to count individual tea bags.

I think I'm allowed to say, we are steeped in Tea.


Rachel Penner said...

feel free to invite me over. I'll help you deal with the overpopulation of tea that seems to be happening.

Sam said...

I think I could start a shipping company, Little East India Trading Company. I could import tea to my friends.

Rachel Penner said...

I'll take some. earl grey for me!

Sam said...

what type? as you might have noticed I have 8 different kinds.

Rachel Penner said...

suprise me

Jilly said...

Sam, this post totally reminds me of your house! I read it to Kym when we were visiting in winnipeg and she said "Yeah, the Glasgows house is magnificently cluttered". It was a classic moment.

Sam said...

haha this is true Jill. "Magnificently cluttered" is a nice way to put it. What I loved most about that photo is the fact I didn't have to set it up. It's just like that.