Friday, October 03, 2008

Documentation Updation

Here rest my fingers again. I admit that I have had a lack of humourous log postings for quite some time. Now I hope to make them a little more consistence through the months to come. I hope to chronicle the adventure that I, with my friend Joel, are embarking upon.
To bring friends up to date: My friend Joel Brandt and myself are hitch-hiking/bussing/training across Canada. We both have a band called O For Orange together and we plan to record music as we go. This means Joel is packing his keyboard-with-a-strap and I my guitar (and jingle bells). We are going to attempt a minimum of one song per province (not including territories). These will be uploaded from time to time upon our site (
We also plan on working on some farms along the way in return for our stay. (This is called, no joking, wwoofing. Check out if you're interested) Hopefully this will give us a good chance to see what Canada is really made of. Not that there's anything wrong with British Columbia. It's just a little temperate and I would like to see some real snow and feel some real, dry cold.
First stop- Jasper. The only town I've been to that has a full-fledged store dedicated to Jelly Belly jelly beans. We leave day after tomorrow.

We're also not exactly sure of what order we're visiting towns. We circled all the towns on our map where we know people and played connect the dots. If anyone knows of any place we might be able to stay. Please let us know. We're willing to work for stay.

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